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websites for 50+

hey i thought this was a good website for ‘young’ 50+’s

ive started a blog on this website, hopefully some 50+’s will answer…

ive started another blog here:

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February 14, 2010 1 comment

In her inspiring 2009 TEDTalk, Aimee Mullins redefines what the body can be. Her prosthetic legs are a combination of form, function and aesthetic. She encourages designers to change the idea of “disability” and the definition of beauty by bringing their talents to both the science and the art of designing prosthetics.

In the comments on this TEDTalk, several members asked for more information about accessible prosthetics — new designs that will make artificial limbs available to everyone who needs them.

Since Mullins’ talk, we’ve kept our eyes peeled for innovative designs in prosthetics. We found an inspiring example from industrial designer Tillmann Beuscher. He built a temporary artificial leg made of cheap materials to “support world-wide victims of land mines and explosive remainings of war”. His design was a winner of the 2009 iF concept award. Check out pictures of the design and the limb at work here. — Bonnie Burk

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Marketing to Older People: Fact and Fiction

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

The population of the UK is now older than ever before. According to the Office for National Statistics, there are now more adults aged over 45 than there are under 45. This was described by a Government report last year as a ‘tipping point’ and the UK population will continue to age for the foreseeable future. According to the Economist (26.06.09), this is a ‘slow-moving but relentless development that in time will have vast economic, social and political consequences’.

  • Customer wealth
  • Retirement
  • Imagery
  • Where next for Inclusive Design?

1. Inclusive branding and marketing.

2. Inclusive communications.

3. Inclusive Service.

The following article is to appear next month in BT Resources, a newsletter sent by BT to its financial services customers.( It talks about our customers, so 3rd age people, and how to tackle this…quite relevant and interesting!)

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Inclusive design applies an understanding of customer diversity to the design of mainstream products to better satisfy the needs of more people.

Ethos of inclusive design

  • User centred
  • Population aware
  • Business focused

What is needed?

  • Functional
  • Usable
  • Desirable

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Okinawa Centenarian Study

–Study on the ageing patterns on the Japanese islands of Okinawa, which found a disproportionate amount of centenarians in good health compared to the global average.

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35 plus mothers

Heres a resoureful website that gives a good initial context to ‘midlife parents’

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